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Before you hire a Divorce lawyer, ask yourself a few important questions. First, decide whether you want to separate or stay together. Many people separate first before filing for divorce. Additionally, your attorney will want to know whether you live in the same house or live separately. If you both live in separate houses, you might want to consider hiring a divorce attorney. In addition, you should also know whether your spouse owns the family home. You can try these out  family law attorneys near me

Next, determine whether you want a litigious divorce or a collaborative divorce. While you may have many options, you should choose an attorney who believes in the benefits of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. An attorney who supports mediation and collaborative approaches won’t necessarily advocate trial unless you’re in a situation where it is completely unreasonable to do so. If your divorce attorney aims to only litigate, you should move on to another attorney.

While most divorces result in a negotiated settlement, a few situations can be more contentious. For example, if Bob fails to return the children to the mother on time during weekend visitation, the attorneys must negotiate a solution to this issue. If you fail to reach an agreement with your spouse, additional documents may have to be filed for an extra hearing. Another example is where both parties have sold valuable assets in the home. This action may violate the divorce rules and requires a trial, which would be very expensive.

After the couple decides to file for a divorce, the attorney will review the documents and listen to the client’s goals. Only a few divorces go to trial. If they do, the attorneys will prepare evidence before the judge and call on witnesses to support their cases. The attorney will also prepare the spouse’s case and draft a marital settlement agreement. This contract will establish child custody and alimony. In many cases, a collaborative divorce will result in a lower overall cost, and minimize the stress and time spent in litigation.

When you hire a divorce lawyer, he or she will ask you about your prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. These agreements were made before the marriage, but they are still considered nuptial agreements. These agreements determine how the assets and income will be divided. These agreements cannot limit the amount of child support a parent may be required to pay. If your spouse is a major contributor of income to the household, a divorce lawyer will be able to determine whether he or she is legally entitled to it.

While divorce attorneys do not bill by the hour, you should still consider their fees. The fees of hiring a divorce lawyer may be much higher than you would have expected. This is especially true if the divorce case is highly contentious. Each time the parties refuse to settle and attorneys make phone calls, the legal fees pile up. Additional court documents and extra attorney representation at extra hearings can cost thousands of dollars. Further, a divorce can drag on for months or even years, and you will be spending thousands of dollars on it.

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