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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers provide medical and psychotherapeutic help to addicts. The goal of drug rehabilitation is to help patients confront their substance abuse problem and overcome the urge to consume unhealthy substances. Substance misuse has significant psychological, social, and financial consequences. Treatment programs at these centers often involve cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps patients learn how to avoid relapse and promotes recovery. Additionally, family therapy is used to support recovery. Feel free to visit their website at rehab center near me for more details.

Depending on the severity and duration of a person’s substance abuse problem, outpatient treatment may involve a combination of different types of therapy. It may involve various levels of therapy, such as individual counseling, group counseling, or 12-step programs. Outpatient programs are usually less costly than residential programs, and are more suitable for people with jobs and extensive social support networks. Intensive day treatment can be comparable to residential care, and some outpatient programs target medical issues alongside drug and alcohol addiction.

Detoxification is an important first step in addiction treatment. Depending on the drug or alcohol a person is addicted to, detoxification may involve medication-assisted therapy. These medications ease withdrawal symptoms, and the dosage of the medication is tapered until the patient is no longer physically dependent on the substance. An outpatient rehab program may also be combined with a sober living home to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment.

The death of Cody Arbuckle at an Addiction Treatment Center has been investigated by the coroner. The coroner has ruled that the drug he was taking contributed to his death. The coroner ruled that loperamide, an ingredient in the anti-diarrhea drug Imodium A-D, was the cause of death. Cody’s mother, Kathryn Deem, is now suing the center, saying she was denied medical care at the facility, which was responsible for Cody’s death. A California law firm representing the mother has filed a lawsuit against the center, citing a lawsuit filed in Clark County district court.

Passages Recovery Center is accredited by The Joint Commission. As a member of CARF, it has met rigorous health and safety standards. Passages Recovery Center is honored to hold such a prestigious accreditation. The Center is also a member of ASAM, which promotes the quality of care, continuous improvement, and enhancing the lives of individuals served. Besides being accredited by CARF, Passages Recovery Center has achieved accreditation from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people each year, and overdose is the leading cause of accidental death among Americans under 50. Due to the increasing prevalence of substance abuse, the number of drug and alcohol detox service providers has increased exponentially. Collectively, these providers represent a $35 billion industry. Most treatment providers are dedicated to providing quality care and helping people overcome addiction and achieve long-term remission. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is one such institution that has been around for more than 70 years.

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