Things You Need To Know About QC Kinetix

In recent years, regenerative treatments have been gaining attention because of their effectiveness in treating pain conditions such as knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, and back pain. This treatment is safe and effective, and it is significantly less invasive and costly than traditional surgical procedures. This innovative technology is a breakthrough for patients suffering from chronic pain and can even help those with a history of diabetes. Learn more about the benefits of this revolutionary treatment. You may find more details about this at Pittsburgh Regenerative Medicine Organization
QC Kinetix is a fast-growing medical specialty that provides non-surgical options for treating joint pain. The company has grown to over half a dozen locations, and it is looking for like-minded individuals to help advance its mission. In addition to offering cutting-edge treatments, QC Kinetix also manages a corporate management company. Its founders saw the potential in regenerative medicine and set out to make it a viable option for patients who are unable to afford traditional treatment options.
QC Kinetix franchisees have a CEO-like role in the company, and will manage staff, business, and marketing. They will work closely with the leadership team and receive ongoing training in all aspects of running a QC Kinetix clinic. During their initial training, franchisees spend four days in the Charlotte headquarters and another two days at the grand opening. Ongoing training and video tutorials are also part of the franchise system.
QC Kinetix uses state-of-the-art biologic treatments to help patients overcome pain and other symptoms. Because the treatment is noninvasive, patients can avoid surgery and potentially addictive pain medications. In addition to this, QC Kinetix clinics are independent and not affiliated with any health insurance company. This allows patients to receive the most effective care possible. Moreover, QC Kinetix clinics are located in many locations around the country.
Franchisees are encouraged to seek out training from experienced doctors. For example, QC Kinetix recently opened the first hair loss therapy and expects to launch new treatments for low testosterone and sexual dysfunction within the next two years. Additionally, the company recently hired a new CEO, Alex Zai, who has 34 years of experience in franchising. As a former franchisee of Pak Mail Centers of America, Zai has experience on both sides of the business. In addition, the company has named Marc Weiss as its chief financial officer and Todd Maddocks as its general counsel.
The primary goal of the QC Kinetix physician is to reduce or eliminate pain without the use of drugs or surgery. The physician will take into account the medical history and physical condition of patients to determine the best course of treatment. Advanced diagnostic equipment is used to assess and treat specific types of pain. There is no reason to take the risk of not getting the best care possible. With the right treatment, you can enjoy a better quality of life.

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